About Us

History of the Company

  • 1974
  • 2000
  • 2010

The beginning

The company MANDOU Brothers O.E. (ΑΦΟΙ Ι. ΜΑΝΤΟΥ Ο.Ε.)was started as a family business in 1974 by John Mandos, who was one of the first citrus growers in Igoumenitsa, Thesprotia,

An area which is renowned both for the quality and taste of its fruit, since its climate leads to its excellent growth.

The continuing

Later, John Mandou utilized his years of experience and knowledge in citrus production in cooperation with his three sons, George, Gregory and Alexandros Mandou.

Through a combination of the latest methods of cultivation and specific expertise knowledge from agriculturists, they were able to ensure the excellent quality of their products.

Afterwards, motivated as always by their passion for work, they became active both in the field of packaging and marketing agricultural products.

The evolution

In 2010 the company officially adopted its current name MANDOU BROS O.E.(ΑΦΟΙ Ι. ΜΑΝΤΟΥ Ο.Ε.)and as a family business constructed new facilities which house sorting and packing machinery as well as cold storage facilities in order to provide excellent processing and preservation of their products.


The area of citrus fruit cultivation is located within the boundaries of the protected ecosystem NATOURA 2000


Food Safety


The company today

  • Profile
  • Region
  • Goals


We operate in the production and marketing of citrus fruit and are based in Sagiada , Thesprotia, 20Km from Igoumenitsa, which has the largest Clementine mandarin in Greece.

We have self-owned estates with a fully integrated management system certified by GLOBAL GAP GR

We have been involved in production for over 40 years and in commerce for the last six. We possess our own fully equipped fruit packing facilities, certified in accordance with Quality Assurance System ISO 22000:2005


The area of Igoumenitsa – Thesprotia has the largest cultivation of mandarins (Clementines ) in Greece : about 35.000-40.000 tons annually. Mandarins ( Nova ) and oranges (Navalina-valencia ) are also grown. The area of citrus fruit cultivation is located within the boundaries of the protected ecosystem NATOURA 2000 and consequently producers follow sound practices ,respecting both the environment and individuals ( consumers )

The cultivation of Clementine in the area began in 1970 and the variety guickly became known due to the favorable microclimate of the region. Almost the entire bulk of our production is exporterd, mainly to the Balkans as well as western Europe.

Our Goals

The continuous improvement of the guality standards of our production with a minimal environmental burden and stantardization and distribution of certified products.

Growth of our product range and continuous improvement of our equipment with new packaging machinery.

Crop certification by the Natura 2000 network.